How to become a software engineer without a degree?

How to become a software engineer without a degree


You can acquire the profession of a software engineer and enter into one of the highest-paid careers in the world with no need to spend much money and time at university. The low barrier to entry is one of the competitive advantages of a software engineer’s career. 

From one point, it’s the career that can quickly leverage your financial status. From another point, it does not require significant investments to become a software engineer. You also do not need to acquire a traditional university degree. 

The path of becoming a successful software engineer lies through developing the necessary toolbox of self-learning materials and the options to further start your first steps into the software industry. 

If you are not sure about the specific steps you need to take toward your dream career, this article will help you with that. 

Is the degree necessary at all?

Let’s talk about facts. One of the recent studies reveals that around 69.1% of surveyed software engineers considered themselves as self-taught. The percentage of those who reached the software engineer profession by studying at university was almost twice less, around 34,8%.

The below figures will give you more insights.

Source: Simplilearn

Coming to the question of whether a university degree is necessary for becoming a software engineer, this largely depends on how you prefer to acquire new skills and which environments do you need to learn something new. 

As the above diagram illustrates, 25.5% of the population masters in software engineering through online courses. Thus, to meet the rapidly increasing demand of enrolling in online courses, new educational platforms are being designed by various organizations and individuals. 

Why choose online education?

You may now wonder what drives the significant part of the population to choose online platforms for gaining professional knowledge and skills. Let’s evaluate the benefits of choosing online platforms together. 

  • Accessing portable education. Online education enables you to join your classes from wherever you wish. Do your classes in your pajamas right from your bed if that’s your comfort zone!
  • Managing your time on your own. You are the one designing your schedule. No pressure and no stress! Adjust your calendar, conduct appropriate breaks, study in the early morning if you are a morning person, or dig into the world of education in the middle of the night if that’s when you are the most productive. 
  • Individualized approach. If being surrounded by a group of people in a classroom is something that has been bothering you for years, online education gets you covered! Spend as much time as you need on a single reading and read for multiple times if necessary! You and your laptop screen are the ones involved in the process of your education.
  • Saving time and money! Last but not least, online education saves the most important assets you may own in your life: your time and money. If money is somehow recoverable, the same cannot be said about time! Instead of spending four years studying in the undergraduate program and heading to the two years of traditional Masters, you may choose to enroll in a one-month online course that will intensively guide you throughout the essentials of your desired field. As a result, your information will be fresh, up-to-date, and organized, while your time will be wisely managed and utilized in a more advanced way. 

As observed, online education comes with numerous benefits for both personal and professional growth. This is why the number of platforms providing it is rapidly increasing to access people of all ages and lifestyles to education. 

WildLearner is amongst those platforms that care for your education, job skills, and convenience all-in-one. 

What is WildLearner?

WildLearner is an IT-specialized online educational platform, which will enable you to gain all the essential skills you need to become the IT professional of your dreams. The platform offers online courses in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, as well as Python for Data Science, Swift for IOS Development, and much more. 

Start your free trial and explore all the courses with a wisely arranged sequence. Begin from the basics and achieve the peaks of the advanced levels step by step. Importantly, get to practice the theoretical knowledge you gain through practical quizzes and exercises during each course. 

Ultimately, at the end of each course, receive your signed and verified certificate by WildLearner, which will open up new paths for your career as a software engineer, web developer, iOS developer, and many more professions. 

Other than this, to feel more confident and be more prepared for stepping into the job market, prepare for the job interviews through the specifically designed interview courses of WildLearner. 

In a nutshell, whether you are a complete beginner in the field of software engineering or someone who has a little or significant background knowledge, you will find useful materials in WildLearner that will enrich your knowledge of the sphere or will refresh the skills you already own. 

Bottom line

If you are looking for an effective and worthy alternative to a 4-year degree program, online education might be the choice you have in mind. 

WildLearner is the platform to provide you both with basic knowledge of the IT-sphere and the advanced skills needed to become a competitive software engineer in the job market. Inspired by this, studying software engineering might be a great decision to make. Consider the advantages of online education, evaluate how good of a fit it would be for you, and jump into it if you are looking for a short yet fruitful course to conduct your studies.