Benefits of learning to code

Which doors can coding open for you?

What is coding? 

Coding is a language of communicating with computers. The programmers write codes through which they guide computers throughout their working process. Coding is the basis of all the activities run by the computer. The system functions by responding to the codes inserted into the computer by the programmers. 

To put it simply, coding is the ruler, which instructs the computer to function accordingly

Benefits of learning to code 

Nowadays, the field of IT grows hour by hour. Since the world is in the process of gradually transferring everything from the traditional to the digital, the benefits of learning programming languages increase rapidly. 

With this much growth and potential, only 0.5% of the world population currently knows coding, which means that only about 36 million people out of the 7.2 trillion know how to build websites, communicate in computer languages, etc. 

Therefore, if you are thinking of taking the path of the most demanded professionals nowadays, you are not late at all!

Let’s now take a look at some of the major benefits of coding.

Gain a new profession

While becoming a professional requires a university degree for most of the areas of study today, IT stands out with its flexibility. By learning to code, acquiring solid knowledge in areas such as software development, software engineering, website building, graphic designing, and much more you would be able to find your place in the job market as a freelancer or as a part of some successful company. 

You can start your coding journey by learning programming languages JavaScript, C++, Python, and much more through WildLearner, and get a certificate at the end of the course as proof of the knowledge and skills you have gained throughout the course. The fresher your knowledge, the more potential you are considered to have in the fast-developing digital world. 

Here are the average salaries for some of the most demanded professions related to coding.

  • Software developers – $107,510 per year
  • Software engineers – $92,800 per year
  • Graphic designers – $50,000 per year 

Since the mentioned data refers to the salaries in the U.S., let’s compare them with the average salary of the U.S. population to evaluate it better. According to BLS, the average salary in the U.S. for the year 2020 was $51,168 per year. This is about as much as the average salary of graphic designers, while more advanced coding-related jobs, like software engineering or development, are paid about twice higher. This indicates the greatness of financial stability people may expect when they start learning to code. 

Enhance your problem-solving skills 

When writing a code for any programme to work, you have to implement strong problem-solving and analytical skills. The entire process of coding an operation consists of instructing the computer to solve certain problems created by you as a programmer. Hence, you should be able to come up with relevant problems to assign to the system and corresponding solutions for the computer to react. This will enhance your problem-solving skills, will train your mind and will improve you as an analytical thinker. 

Visualize your data

Coding languages such as Python, Language R, JavaScript and SQL, can help you to efficiently visualize your data. You can produce graphs, dashboards, and schemes that can serve for analyzing the data you have collected during your work. As known, data visualization is crucial not only in programming but also in many other fields and areas. Those include finance, marketing, science, etc. Visualizing data helps to obtain a clear image of the performances of certain tools and methods, which, in its turn, promotes the effective analysis of a work. 

Here is an example of a visual interpretation of a Wall Street Journal job trend made with Python:


Improve your online presence 

If you are thinking of starting a business or a personal blog and want to set up and manage your website on your own, skills like HTML and CSS are essential. Those are the main tools you would need to have knowledge of to make your website visually attractive, neat, and presentable. Knowing these tools, you would be able to deal with the design, the colors, and the categories of your website. You can start learning HTML and CSS right now with WildLearner.

Understand how computers work 

When you learn to code, your brain starts automatically analyzing all the processes it witnesses taking place in the computer. Thus, you start exploring the codes behind the various functions of the computer and see the logic behind them. Not only do you get to understand how computers work but you are also able to add new functions to the computer when needed and push it further in its operations. 

How to start learning to code?

Whether you have a background in coding or you are doing your first steps there, you can be assured that putting effort will definitely pay off. 

The best way for you to organize your learning process would be through a professionally designed course. 

You can start with web development by exploring the essential tools for your website design such as HTML, Java, and CSS. Afterward, you can proceed with more professional courses, which include Vue.js, Angular, and React. When you already feel comfortable with the tools you have learned, you can step ahead to dig into Data Science and investigate Python, thereafter moving into TypeScript. Ultimately, you may learn iOS development with Swift, which consists of 54 lessons. 

Once you have mastered all the theories and feel prepared to put them into practice, you can start to code with WildLearner by implementing the skills you have acquired during your studies. 

Bottom line

The benefits of learning to code expand further to other fields that are tightly connected with it. Fields like business, finances, marketing, photography, and arts also require skills provided through coding. Visualizing your data, evaluating it, and drawing conclusions out of it is something you can learn the best if you choose to learn to code.