How much do software engineers make?

how much do software engineers make

Nowadays, as the job market develops hourly by offering new jobs to the world and requiring demanding qualifications, some careers stand out with their promising opportunities and constantly increasing demand. A software engineer’s career is one of those. It becomes more and more popular alongside the advancement of digital media. This article covers all the things you may want to know about the job of a software engineer.

How much do software engineers make? 

How diverse can their job get? 

What is the primary function of a software engineer? 

What do software engineers do?

First of all, let’s explore one of the most in-demand professions of the past decade – the software engineer’s job. 

Software engineers have a vital role in the entire designing and developing process of the software. They cooperate both with the designers and the developers. 

In the designing stage, they ensure all the software functions are working correctly, and the designing process takes place smoothly. When cooperating with the programmers, software engineers contribute to developing various functions, which then build the entire software system. 

Types of software engineers

As software engineers have a vast working scale and integrate into a significant portion of the work process, they are categorized into different specializations. Let’s investigate some of the most software engineer types.

Front-end engineer

Front-end engineers take care of the user interface of the website. They make sure the website is in a visually presentable state, the interface is user-friendly, and the website’s design is carefully chosen and well thought out. To put it simply, front-end engineers are responsible for the website’s aesthetic look and the visual attraction it is expected to cause for its visitors. 

Back-end engineer

The back-end engineer takes care of the inside portion of the work. They manage the integrations with various platforms and applications through Application Programming Interfaces (API). They are responsible for the inner functionalities of the system and deal with the main logic on which the website features are built. 

Full-Stack Engineer

While front-end and back-end engineers are specialized in a particular sphere of the processes related to the web application, the full-stack engineer is skilled enough to handle both of them. 

How much do software engineers make?

To analyze the average income they make, we would need to consider the levels of specialization. In software engineering, three main levels of professionals are separated based on the number of years of experience in the field. 

  • Junior software engineer – has 1-3 years of experience
  • Mid-level software engineer – has 4-6 years of experience
  • Senior software engineer – has more than six years of experience 

Looking at the market of the various types of software engineers, it is noticeable that front engineers are currently the most demanded ones in the job market. 

The average pay for a junior front-end engineer stands somewhere between $68,000 – $72,000. For a mid-level engineer, it expands to $80,000 – $83,000. Ultimately, for senior software engineers, the average pay is estimated to be around $120,000 per year. 

Nonetheless, as anticipated, the most significant average amount is earned by full-stack engineers who cover the work for both front-end and back-end engineers. 

On average, a full-stack engineer receives around $125,000 – $130,000 per year. This is the estimated average for all three levels of a full-stack engineer. 

Before stepping into the numbers mentioned above, a considerable amount of effort should be put in. You have to have a worthy educational background to catch employers’ eyes and start your journey in software engineering. 

How to become a qualified software engineer in the shortest period?

When you are well aware of the advantages of becoming a software engineer, including the software engineer salary, you may want to pursue this career. However, as it happens very often, you might not have enough time or resources to go into an undergraduate school and start learning a new profession. 

This is why portals like WildLearner are created. 

WildLearner offers multiple online courses in the field of Informational Technologies. Starting from the basics of HTML and ending with an innovative and skillful software engineer, WildLearner has designed all kinds of courses you may need, whichever type of software engineering you want to proceed with. 

If you choose to take the path of a front-end engineer, you will need to gain skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. WildLearner has just added these courses into its list of offered lessons. More advanced courses are available, which include Angular, React, and Vue.js. Hence, you are all set and ready as a front-end developer with an approved certificate earned at the end of your lesson!

For a back-end engineer, you will be focusing on the system’s logical functioning. You will need to familiarize yourself with coding and programming to be able to write the code for the software.  

What comes to the full-stack engineer, they must have a knowledge of both fields. Thus, knowing how to write a code and having competent skills in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 

Final thoughts 

If you are thinking of heading into a new career and are looking for some well-known and up-to-date occupation, a software engineer’s job will be a nice choice to make! 

Starting from the junior level, you will make substantial amounts of money and enrich your experience as a professional. 

Some true dedication and effort will be required from you to gain the necessary knowledge and the appropriate experience. As a result, higher proficiency levels will be achieved, and you will be enjoying the market’s demand as a competitive software engineer.