What are the must-have computer skills for a resume?

Computer skills for resume

You might be stuck if I ask you to quickly name some ten things that are not automated in your profession because everyone deals with digital processes nowadays.

The vast majority of the companies integrate software or use online tools for different organizational and working processes. That’s why even if you are not applying for a developer’s profession, it would be your competitive advantage to have computer skills to put on your resume. 

Interested in the list of computer skills that catch the attention of employers right away? 

Read on; we will hint you which are those. 

What are computer skills?

Every skill you have that allows you to use a computer is included in the computer skills. There are also software skills that might sometimes be used as a synonym of computer skills. 

In reality, however, software skills are more targeted and allow you to work with a specific software set up on the computer. 

Why do I need computer skills for a resume?

There is a famous description of a modern employee, tech-savvy.

Tech savviness describes the extent to which an employee is adapted to using computers and their different programs and is considered a competitive advantage for professionals of any sphere.

If you are a tech-savvy person and include computer skills in your CV, you signal to an employer that you are ready to automate repetitive tasks, therefore speeding up business processes and saving money. 

Besides, employers understand that more excessive penetration of technology into the business is inevitable. Consequently, they are looking for flexible workers who would quickly adapt to technological advancements and help the company stay on the wave. 

So, don’t even question whether your CV should have a section on your computer skills. It definitely should, and below, you can read which specific skills should be your priority. 

List of computer skills to make your CV stand out from the crowd

Communication and Collaboration

In the majority of the companies, you will not use everyday messengers like WhatsApp for internal communication. There are professional platforms for a working conversation you should know:

How to learn computer skills for work collaboration?

The majority of the above-mentioned tools work in the same way. 

You have personal, and group chat features for the communication tools to exchange files, record audio messages, make video calls, react to the messages, etc. All you need is to download the above tools and make yourself familiar with their layouts. 

Collaboration tools are also working in the same logic. You have sections for Planning, In the Process, Reviewing, and Done projects, where you should fill in the necessary information about each project separately.

Microsoft Office Suites

Microsoft Office programs are the fundamental computer skills everyone should know. For example, you should know Word for word processing, Excel for basic calculations, PowerPoint for making presentations and public speeches, etc. The main programs of MS Office include:

How to learn MS Office programs?

The functionalities of each program are extensive. However, depending on your occupation, you might use only a small percentage of the needed program. Therefore, do not spend much time mastering the program if you don’t need it in-depth for your position. Head to the official pages of each program or watch tutorials for a basic understanding instead. 

Besides, you need to purchase a license to access the programs, which might be an unreasonable expense for you. You’d better wait until the hiring company grants you corporate access for free.

Social Media

Marketers should have in-depth knowledge of social media platforms to support the proper online presence of the company. 

However, even if you are not applying for those positions, being keen on social media platforms will still be a competitive advantage, as employers like it when workers have basic digital literacy.

Here are the most popular social media platforms you should master:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Sendible
  • TikTok
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer

How to learn social media skills?

If managing a company’s social media pages is not your primary responsibility, you should download the apps of the mentioned platforms and use them until you grasp the logic. 

An essential tip for you is also to test the web versions of social media platforms, as some features are different in web and mobile versions. 

Computer Programming Skills

If you are applying for a developer’s position, proving your knowledge of certain programming languages is necessary. 

In this case, you should not list the skills you have on the surface. Instead, describe your expertise and conducted projects with the specific programming language in the resume. Proper introduction of your programming skills is an essential step toward making your CV stand out at the stage of initial scanning candidates.

Here are some of the most popular programming languages you can learn. 

Where to learn computer programming skills?

If you do not want to spend much time and go to development internships, or if you don’t want to buy expensive courses from the industry experts, WildLearner’s online courses are the best option for you. 

Each of the above links takes you to a specific programming language’s short and interactive online lesson. However, you should first do careful research to understand which language you need to learn. 

Some posts from our blog will help you in that:

How to put computer skills on the resume?

It’s up to you how you organize the layout of your CV, and accordingly, where you put your skills section. Computer skills should be typically listed under the general section of skills, hard skills, or under a separate category of “computer skills”. 

What’s more important is how you prove your computer skills. 

Everyone knows that computer skills are a privilege and that it’s not hard to search for and copy/paste some of the trendiest skills to the resume.

Hiring managers know this, and they expect the candidates to do something more than just typing the skill into the appropriate section. You are more likely to catch the attention of the HR people of any company if you convince them you have used those skills in practice.

So, for example, instead of roughly mentioning “PowerPoint” in your CV, write a sentence or two about the presentations you have prepared with it. You can also link the presentation itself in the CV for a better effect.