What is React and How You Can Learn It?

React Web Development

React is one of the JavaScript libraries, one of the most popular ones.

The majority of the JavaScript community uses this framework, and if you are interested in web and mobile development, you should learn it as well. 

This blog post provides you with one of the quickest ways of learning React. But before that, let’s guide you through the React library;

  • What is React?
  • Why is React so popular?
  • What can you do with React?
  • How to learn React?

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library, which Facebook created in 2013. 

With the help of React, you can build the interactive view layer of websites and mobile applications and develop the interface of a single-page application.

React is an open-source component-based library. It’s quick and straightforward to use, and the interfaces you create with React load fast.

Basically, these are the reasons why the library is so popular among developers. 

What is React web development?

You can think of React’s working mechanism as growing a tree, where each branch is a separate component. To form an overall UI, those small components are built up into successively complex parts. 

For example, the Contact button in the website is a separate component, which is included in the more prominent component of the Website header. Website header, in its turn, is included in a larger component of the Website Home Page. 

Each component is created by mixing HTML and JavaScript elements and displaying a specific small UI section. 

What are the benefits of learning React?

There are numerous front-end web development tools, all trying to offer straightforward usage and practicality. So, you might question whether it is worth devoting time to learning React. 

To help you make up your mind, here are the main benefits of learning React. 

It’s simple to learn

Believe us, not every programming language is easy to learn. If you are not profoundly into tech and do not want to spend months figuring out a complicated syntax of a coding language, React is an excellent option for you. 

Especially if you have a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript, it would be easier for you to understand React. 

It’s simple to create a product with React

React is not only easy to learn but also easy to work with. Many functions that you will need to create an app are pre-built in React, which means you can save more time than writing all those functions from scratch.

So, it’s ideal for specialists that do not want to deal with much coding but still want to build applications with high functionality. 

Which main libraries should you learn to work with React?

Besides being the library of JavaScript, React has its own libraries you should master if you want to conduct successful projects. Here are the main ones you should learn first. 

UI Component Libraries

UI Component libraries in React are responsible for building application blocks. Therefore, it’s one of the basics you should master first.

In its turn, this library contains a KendoReact library, which is a framework with robust in-build features, allowing you to create complex products. 

KendoReact is the essential tool to master if you want to lay the foundation of your app’s UI with React. 


CLI is a crucial tool to set up and configure a React app. You might do the same with hours of technical work, but with CLI, you can do it within minutes. 

To set up a React app, you need a Create React App, one of the main CLI tools. Once you run a specific command, Create React App automatically configures everything to be ready to use a React app without complications. 

If you don’t want to spend hours before starting with React development, consider learning CLI. 


To create easy navigation for your users between different pages, you need routing. And the best way to do that in React is using a React Router library. It’s one of the standard React libraries and provides you with a powerful API. 

API helps you keep UI and URL synced and create a routing layer for a React app. React Router is simple to use. However, this does not compromise its functionality. 

You can do it if you want to use advanced features such as location transition handling or dynamic route matching. 

React State Management

State-management libraries comprise one of the largest parts of React libraries. Among that variety, Redux is the most popular library to work with. 

The main concepts of Redux include actions and reducers. Actions are responsible for sending data, and reducers perform an action on the current state and return a new state. In general, Redux keeps your state data inside a store. 

How to learn React?

If you are using a laptop and have a good internet connection, you can browse the interactive React course right away. 

WildLearner offers easy-to-learn courses of the most popular coding languages, including React. 

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