Top Coding Projects for Beginners: Easy!

Top coding projects for beginners

In a digitally transforming reality, coding is one of the most demanded skills. Nearly every industry has been affected by digitization, including banking, healthcare, and education, to name a few. It is undeniable that computers are used in practically every product and service in today’s world. Therefore learning programming languages is a must to catch up with the modern reality, especially at times when it has become the most common requirement for acquiring jobs.

It is essential to understand that the programming world is not something constant and that it is rapidly changing. It is also crucial to consider that there will be different programming languages and frameworks depending on the specific use case (web application, game development, etc.). 

Below find valuable insights and ideas for coding your new project. 

Where to start your coding journey?

It is essential to understand that the key to success in coding, as in most areas, is to not rush and make sure that you take one step at a time. If you do not have any experience related to coding, it is essential to start from scratch because otherwise, you may find yourself quitting it due to frustration or difficulties. Therefore, if you are just about to kick off your first step in learning how to code, you will first need to understand the fundamentals of two Web markup languages: HTML and CSS. Mastering the fundamentals of HTML coding is the first step in developing online applications. Once you are familiar with the basics, you may tackle one of the many HTML-focused coding projects for beginners. With a precise understanding of HTML and CSS, you can easily find crash courses that can allow you to challenge and practice what you already know.

Below, find a list of various coding projects that are just enough to start your coding journey.

Create a mobile application 

In a digital age, billions of people use smartphones, which in and of itself speaks about the widespread demand for mobile applications. There are millions of mobile applications in app stores, and the need for faster and personalized communication is only growing over time. To master the demanded skill of creating a mobile application, all you will need is HTML and CSS programming languages to help you create appealing layouts for both Android and iOS apps. 

Code a calculator 

Developing an application is an excellent approach to improving your coding abilities. It is essential to understand that in a world filled with millions of applications, it is not an easy task to come up with an original idea, so you might as well take a chance to create something as simple as a calculator. On most computers and cellphones, the calculator is one of the most helpful and necessary tools, so by practicing the fundamentals of working with code, creating a user interface with this idea is undoubtedly worth a shot.

Develop a To-Do list

Another functional and demanded application that does not require sophisticated efforts and can be performed nearly in any programming language is to-do lists. Creating a to-do list includes a primary user interface, including buttons, animation, user interaction, and events. For everyone interested in web programming, completing a to-do list in JavaScript can be an ideal first project. For a to-do list to fully function, users should be able to add, finish, and delete items.

Create a Quiz

Quiz apps essentially present the user with a set of questions and allow them to respond. Quiz apps are extensively used in educational settings to quickly assess one’s understanding of the material. Your app may be as basic or sophisticated as you wish — for instance, your quiz may react instantly with the correct answer once a user selects a response, or the answers may not be displayed until the completion of the quiz. To create a quiz app, you can use any programming language. It primarily relies on the platform on which you wish to build it.

Redesign a Website Template

Creating a website from scratch may seem too much and require massive effort for beginners. As you embark on your coding journey, you may get started by selecting an already existing website template with predetermined design components and simply adding your touch to it.

Create a game

Games are some of the most popular apps in the app stores, and while some of the games require a high level of skills and expertise, others can be executed by beginners. For instance, games like Rock, Paper, Scissors can be easily transformed into successful projects for beginners. It needs both user input and random element coding. Both the game and the logic of the bot you’re playing against are created by you.

Another game you may create is chess, which perhaps requires more effort and time than other projects on the list. Consider all chess rules; now imagine coding them all into a single online application! A game like this will need intricate algorithms and calculations with many variables. Creating your own chess game will provide you with practical experience with variation manipulation, artificial intelligence, input/output, and other topics.

Come up with an original application idea and make it a reality

Some of the most successful applications became a reality because of someone’s personal needs. If you have a bold concept that has not been done before or could have been done better, you should consider bringing it to life.

To sum up

Acquiring a new skill might seem overwhelming at first, however, there are many platforms created to make the learning experience as fun and rewarding as possible. 

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