How to Overcome React Challenges: Learn React in 1 Day with WildLearner

React challenges

Created by the professionals of the Meta community, React is an open-source Javascript library that allows designing complicated user interfaces (UIs) through pieces of code known as components. React has adopted a declarative approach. The render method returns you a description in the form of a render element resulting from what you have coded through components. To put it in other words, React’s render method demonstrates whatever you ask it to show based on the description you give as a component. For example, if you are inserting a Shopping List component, React would render the equivalent file of the shopping list available on your database. 


Why Use React?

Although there are many React coding challenges, the primary purpose of React is to simplify the creation and the usage of user interfaces and large web applications. It eliminates the need to reload the page when dealing with large applications as it operates fast and straightforwardly. At the end of the day, React was designed as an advanced solution to DOM (Document Object Model). The latter was functioning slowly, and the Facebook leaders needed a faster solution to operating more efficiently. Now, with the help of React’s virtual DOM, you will have no worries about UI updates and page reloads. 

Furthermore, React is reusable and is known for its SEO friendliness. Its reusability is a big advantage since it eliminates a huge amount of work by saving time and effort. For example, suppose you are designing a new web application and want to use a component you created for your earlier applications. In that case, you can easily reuse it and save your time in creating the same components again. 

The chances are high that you might have heard of JavaScript but might not have come across React. The main reason for this is that JavaScript is an older and more traditionally used language, while React is a newer and more advanced version of JavaScript that presents the features and the functionalities of JavaScript in a simpler and less time-consuming way. To back up this point, companies like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Netflix comprise the population of React Users. 

For motives like these and more, React has almost 5.7 million users in comparison to its main competitors, Angular and Vue, which have 1.7 million and 167,000 users, respectively. 

How To Start Learning React?

Alongside the React challenges that might make the learning process of the library seem challenging, WildLearner offers a brief, comprehensive, and in-depth free React course to everyone who is interested in learning the library fast and free through simple and easily accessible methods. Your background should include a knowledge of JavaScript language essentials and an understanding of HTML and CSS, as the components of React are isolated pieces coded from HTML and CSS. 

  • To enroll in the course, click here and create a WildLearner account
  • Head to the Courses section of the website and choose the React course. 

That’s it! You are all set to enjoy the free course and learn all the essentials of React. 

If you are a learner who does not have the necessary background knowledge or would like to improve your existing HTML, CSS, or JavaScript skills, check out the free courses offered by WildLearner

What Is The Structure of WildLearner’s React Course?

At WildLearner, a practice-based learning process is conducted to make your learning process as effective as possible. As a learner:

  • you will start designing a user interface by using React components
  • through this, you will understand the essence of the components and will learn how to organize their internal states and how to assemble multiple components into one
  • throughout this process, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the components you create
  • After completing the course successfully, you will receive a certificate from WildLearner proving your learning effort and contribution to the course. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, React is an open-source library proven to be particularly useful for front-end developers when designing user interfaces. Its virtual DOM guarantees a fast page reload. Additionally, React stands out with its reusable components, which make the process of creating a new application more productive and less time-consuming. 

Therefore, although written in JavaScript language, React is viewed as an advanced alternative to traditional JavaScript as it has proven to work faster and more efficiently. This is one of the main reasons why so many established tech companies have adopted React for a long time already.