What Job Is IT? Types of IT Jobs You Can Apply For Today

what job is it

As the digital world is developing rapidly nowadays, fields like information technology have started leading the job market. Therefore, to fit the standards of today’s job market and to meet the consistently increasing demand for technology-related jobs, you may want to know what job is IT and how does it look like working in IT

What Job Is IT?

Information technology, abbreviated as IT, is the industry where professionals use computers to create, process, and store electronic data. 

Having said this, it is one of the most demanded industries today. According to Data USA, there have been 2.17 million employers in the workforce, and the number of total degrees awarded to the students studying IT has increased by 6.45% as of 2020. 

Numbers like these remind us that IT is enjoying high popularity among young professionals. Hence, if you consider choosing a highly demanded job, working in IT might be the best decision. 

What Types of IT Jobs Are Offered Today?

IT is a large field that has numerous categories and subindustries. Although all of the jobs in the IT industry derive from computer-related work, each job is different and has unique requirements. 

Below are the requirements and the annual salary (according to the US News) of some of the most well-known IT jobs. 

Web Developer

Median Salary: $77,200

Web developers’ work is mainly associated with the setup and maintenance of the website. Ther are most of the time responsible for designing user-friendly interfaces that would allow the website visitors to navigate and find whatever information they are looking for easily. Developers should ensure the website is visually appealing, fully functional, and free of technical errors. 

Web developers should possess advanced HTML, JavaScript, and CSS knowledge and skills to handle these responsibilities diligently. In addition to these professional skills, the developers should also be creative and flexible to collaborate with the other team members effectively. 

Here are 5 steps that will guide you to become a competent freelance web developer. 

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Software Developer 

Median Salary: $110,140

Software developers are programming and designing the software suitable for their targeted users’ needs.

To have a better insight, the various computer games, the accounting software, the smart calculators, and similar are the output of software developers’ work. They are responsible for the coding part, and they create a robust back-end program that will help people use the software.

Software developers should be extremely creative to come up with insightful and original programming ideas. Furthermore, they should be experts in Java, C++, and Python. 

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Data Scientist 

Median Salary: $98,230

Data scientists are responsible for extracting and interpreting the data so that businesses can extract actionable insights out of it

The final goal of data scientists is to create working algorithms, programs, or software that would best serve the client’s needs. 

As you could infer from the job description, data scientists need to possess strong analytical and critical thinking to analyze and utilize the data they have extracted effectively. Moreover, they should be good at negotiating to run productive and meaningful discussions with the clients, understand their goals and needs, and design a project that would satisfy them. 

The two most common programming languages data scientists should know are Python and/or R. However, there are many other languages like SQL, Java, and others you can use in this profession.

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IT Manager 

Median Salary: $151,150

Taking control over the entire working process, ensuring all the employees have the necessary equipment with the necessary technology to work and planning the team’s future activities are some of the primary tasks of IT managers. They are responsible for the seamless processing of the technology system in the office. Moreover, system upgrades and network accessibility also refer to the role of the IT manager. 

To be a successful team manager, you should own strong problem-solving skills. Besides, having a critical thinking, being open to communication, and behaving in a well-organized manner are some essential skills for an IT manager. 

From the perspective of programming, you will not code as an IT manager. However, having a basic understanding of the must-know programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is vital for you to be able to run your job effectively. 

Information Security Analyst 

Median Salary: $103,590

Information security analysts’ job is to ensure a secure and safe working environment for the employees. Thus, the information security analyst is responsible for handling any potential network issues, monitoring the workflow, and guiding the safe working process. 

The analysts should be experts in the top programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and C since these are the languages that the hackers mostly use. Hence, to ensure the network’s security, cybersecurity analysts should possess excellent knowledge of these languages. 

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IT is the area where professionals use computers to create, process, store, and extract electronic data. To understand what job IT is, you should understand the various fields that IT covers. These include web development, software development, data science, IT management, information security, etc. 

Besides the bachelor’s degree and the job-specific characteristics that the professionals should possess, they are also required to have a deep knowledge of relevant programming languages. In combination, the mentioned skills will make you a new rockstar in the IT-sphere.