10+ Coding Resources for Beginners | Tips to Master a New Skill

Coding resources for beginners and everyone to learn coding online for free

It is evident that interest in coding is growing day by day, and we surely understand why. Coding is one of the most in-demand skills today։ having that skill almost guarantees a promising future. Unfortunately, not everyone interested in gaining this skill knows where to get quality resources for learning.

This is why we decided to share some practical resources with you: these options will fit anyone, as they contain a lot of useful information for various programming languages and directions. Continue reading to discover which format of learning will fit you best. 

Let’s start!

YouTube Channels

Learning programming can seem very difficult if one does not attend specialized colleges or boot camps. It is extremely hard to understand how to construct an optimal educational program covering all necessary topics that will give a tangible result in the end. That’s why it is highly recommended to ask for help from an expert who will guide and lead throughout the process. When it’s not an option, you can turn to the Internet for help.

CS Dojo

CS Dojo is a YouTube Channel created to provide daily lessons in coding for beginners and not only. With more than 1.88M subscribers at the moment, YK Sugi, the owner and the only tutor of the channel, shares essential knowledge with those eager to develop their coding skills.

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja is one of the top YouTube channels to learn to code. The best part of this channel is that it is intended for different levels of students: beginner, intermediate and professional levels will find relevant courses here. All playlists are named specifically, so one can find the needed course by only searching the keywords.


Academind is another great YouTube resource for both beginners and professionals who want to gain new skills or develop their knowledge but don’t have enough time to attend physical classes. 

Derek Banas

Derek Banas is famous for teaching programming languages online with an engaging approach, helping his audience learn quickly and effectively. Whether it’s Python, C++,  C#, or mathematics, Derek Banas is there with his unique style of teaching.


Many programming students really want to learn something new or take another new lesson, but don’t have an opportunity to sit and watch a video. In such cases, podcast lessons are the best solution: you can listen to a new topic from your course when convenient, without being obliged to sit and look at the screen. This is a great trick to reduce your screen time and save your eyes, by the way. So let’s see the most popular conding podcast lessons for beginners.

Code Newbie

The Code Newbie podcast series is created by CodeNewbie, a company providing support infrastructures like forums, blogs, etc., for those new to coding.

Topics like entrepreneurship, neurodiversity in the IT industry, and boosting the coding background in PM roles are discussed in the Code Newbie podcasts.

CodeNewbie home page

Software Engineering Daily

The Software Engineering Daily podcasts episodes present interviews with industry experts talking about software engineering. They also talk about the functions modern markets’ growing software infrastructures do, like the functions that venture capital investments in tech firms provide.

Software Engineering Daily Podcasts

Javascript Jabber

On the Javascript Jabber podcast, niche experts and senior JavaScript developers discuss basic coding techniques and tools in dialogues that are accessible to beginners. The hosts analyze subjects including front-end architecture, blockchain, and core web basics.

Javascript Jabber podcasts on Apple podcasts

Software Engineering Radio

For more than 15 years now, Software Engineering Radio has been providing educational content for experienced software developers. Listeners with prior experience can use this podcast to stay up to date on industry-specific innovations as well as more niche tools and techniques.

Developers can listen to discussions about the intersection of software development and fields such as business management, or watch interviews with industry leaders.

Software Engineering Radio podcasts


When learning to code or developing your knowledge in programming, it’s not only the technical practice that will make you a good specialist. It’s essential to stay updated about the news in the IT industry and programming and keep the theoretical knowledge up to date.

That’s why reading blogs about programming is crucial – otherwise, you will have many gaps in your knowledge in general. Below are some valuable resources like blogs that will be interesting for both beginners and seniors.

WildLearner Blog

WildLearner Blog is one of the most complete blogs about coding. It has valuable resources about programming free of charge – learners don’t pay a penny for getting a huge amount of useful information. The WildLearner Blog posts come in a few categories: 

  • Career development
  • Coding
  • Posts in “What is” format
  • And more

While the Career development category contains a lot of helpful advice and information about demanded skills, average salaries, guides about applying to jobs, etc, the Coding category is mainly about the technical part: tutorials, advice, guides, practice.

WildLearner Blog about programming

Better Programming

Better Programming is a blog on Medium. Every day, they publish pieces from various authors, each carefully selected and edited to ensure high quality.

They provide information for readers at all levels of expertise on a variety of programming topics and languages. It is best to be a regular reader of Better Programming blogs before you decide to create your own programming blog.

Programming-oriented blog named Better Programming

David Walsh Blog

David Walsh is a well-known blogger among developers, currently working as a software developer for Mozilla. The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) step-by-step instructions must have come to your attention if you’ve ever wished to learn how to create websites.

Newbies can learn a lot from his blog given his knowledge and experience in the field of web development.

David Walsh Blog for programming



One of the top websites for online classes is Udemy, which offers courses in a variety of subjects in addition to programming. You can filter the courses at Udemy by author profiles, user ratings & reviews, teacher popularity, and course category.

Udemy programming language courses

Eminent educators offer numerous coding courses, teaching you programming through practical application development. You can access more than 16000 courses, if you have access to Udemy business.


Online degree programs in IT-related fields are available through Coursera. You can enroll in specific courses or whole degree programs.

Coursera information technology courses

The fact that Coursera offers a variety of learning routes for artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning is yet another fantastic benefit.


To help you learn programming and other cutting-edge technologies like robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Udacity provides 200+ free courses as well as nanodegree programs through its school of programming.

Udacity programming and development courses


With more than 1.5M users, 10,000+ lessons and 500 interview tests, WildLearner is a free platform for learning programming languages. Different levels for various programming languages and their libraries are available free of charge – learners never pay a penny for learning online via WildLearner.com.

Online free coding lessons for beginners

Begin your Web Development journey or improve your coding skills online with WildLearner website, study from anywhere, anytime, at your desired intensity, and don’t pay for resources that are available for free. Get a digital completion certificate once you pass the course!


Coding is an essential skill in the 21st century, regardless of your profession. Coding skills are not only a good foundation for future developers, but also for other specialists who use it as a secondary skill. Explore the world of coding with WildLearner, gain a new skill and don’t overpay for knowledge that can be obtained for free.